Put your marketing analytics to work.

Analytics Builder

Use marketing analytics to uncover patterns and insights about your campaigns and customers, and take action when it matters. Optimize every interaction along the customer journey.

Centralize analytics.

Keep your finger on the pulse of channel engagement and campaign performance without leaving Marketing Cloud. View email, social, website and mobile app activity and analytics in real time.

Gain deeper insight into email.

Use custom analytics tools designed specifically for the marketer. Use email reporting to understand opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more for each of your campaigns.

Share insights with impact.

Use flexible formatting and display options to present data. Marketers can run out-of-the-box reports and use powerful visualizations to test hypotheses and iterate rapidly.

Look ahead with Einstein.

Discover new insights in your data and about your customers using predictive analytics. Make decisions using predicted future behavior rather than historical data.

See Marketing Cloud in action.

Discover new ways to build and manage 1-to-1 customer journeys powered by customer data.

Put marketing analytics to work for you.

Collect actionable data and use it to power your marketing activities.

customer data management by salesforce

Powerful Email Analytics

Generate reports for email analytics such as deliverability, opens, and clicks. Create custom reports for your specific business needs. View results, share with colleagues, and take action.

Website and Mobile Analytics

Track customer behavior across websites and mobile apps. Capture browsing data such as product and category views, search terms, and cart abandons.

Discover new ways to reach your customers.

See details for every Marketing Cloud product and get real-world use cases for each one — in a variety of industries.