Email Marketing Tools

Use hundreds of features to scale your email marketing strategy.

Create Content

Coupon Management

Provide coupons or barcodes to each subscriber. Content renders when the subscriber opens your email, so you can show offers based on product inventory or time period.

Dynamic content

Use dynamic content fields to automatically send personalized emails to each of your subscribers. No coding or behind-the-scenes work is needed.

Advanced content management

Save time and effort with content syndication, server-side JavaScript, and AMPscript, our proprietary scripting language that extends email personalization capabilities.


Ready-made and mobile-friendly email marketing tools, such as templates, come standard with any Marketing Cloud Email Studio account.

Social Sharing

Easily embedded social buttons let your customers share content from your email with a friend, or post to any number of social networks.

Target Your Audience

Profile Attributes

Save the customer data you have — from name and gender to geographic location and purchase history — to personalize and target your next email campaign.

Drag-and-drop segmentation

Deliver highly targeted emails with built-in drag-and-drop segmentation. For advanced segmentation, check out Audience Builder.

Web collect

Save time and effort with content syndication, server-side JavaScript, and AMPscript, our proprietary scripting language that extends email personalization capabilities.

Streamline and Send Emails

Triggered messages

Publish personalized triggered send emails for everything from receipts to account alerts.

Simple automated emails

Easily create any number of automated campaigns, from a monthly bill pay reminder to an annual birthday message.

Automation solutions

Automate data, messaging, and reports with an easy drag-and-drop canvas. Learn more about managing the customer journey with marketing automation solutions.

Campaign approvals

Quickly approve emails and collaborate across teams with this workflow process, helping you control email quality while managing internal reviews.

Track and Optimize Campaigns

A/B testing

Easily run A/B tests on subject lines, — from names, pre-headers, send dates and times, design, and layout — to maximize your open and click-through rates.

Deliverability Tools

The industry’s leading deliverability tools are available to every user. Track the percentage of your messages hitting the bulk folder, and detect spam triggers before you send.

Email tracking and reporting

Analyze comprehensive campaign performance at a glance — including delivery rates, open rates, and click activity — or drill down into individual subscriber details like time of open, link clicks, survey results, and more.

Scale Capabilities

Distributed sending

Empower franchisees or local marketers with a quick and easy way to personalize email marketing messages while maintaining control over corporate branding.

On-behalf messages

Easily send corporate-level marketing messages to your customers on behalf of individual sales or other business representatives.

Enterprise reply mail management

Automatically route your customers’ email replies to the appropriate department with this powerful sorting engine.

Roles and permissions

Choose from 400 different roles and permissions to fit each user in your organization, giving the right people access to the right content and data while keeping brand consistency.

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