Manage the customer journey across any channel.

Journey Builder

Automate customer journeys across email, mobile, advertising, your website, and the Internet of Things. Manage experiences across all marketing, sales, and service touchpoints to strengthen customer relationships.

Maximize Engagement.

Automate 1-to-1 messages, inspiring engagement — and re-engagement — with every interaction. Connect every touchpoint with your brand across marketing, sales, service.

Harness CRM Data.

Use data from anywhere in the Salesforce ecosystem to create more personalized customer experiences, driving conversions.

Cultivate relationships.

Automatically identify and respond to customers on channels they prefer. Tailor messages relevant to each customer’s interests using data on past purchases, level of engagement, and current needs.

Drive loyalty.

Create one holistic experience for each customer to win customers back and prevent churn. Automatically identify the moment to take action — and know when it’s appropriate to pause.

See Journey Builder in action.

Learn how marketers can plan every interaction across the customer lifecycle to build the most relevant marketing campaigns.

Create engagement at every interaction.

Build brand relationships by guiding customer journeys — with the help of marketing automation software.

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Listen for Customer Cues

Trigger journeys based on customer behavior — such as a purchase, event registration, or form complete — with marketing automation software.

Connect the Customer Experience

Deliver seamless, personalized customer journeys across channels, devices, and all touchpoints with your business.

Automate the Journey

Build 1-to-1 journeys by engaging customers and adapting interactions based on behavior with marketing automation tools.

Analyze at Every Step

Define specific goals, and measure everything from click-through rates, timing, channels, and conversions. Evaluate your progress, and optimize your strategy from any device with the Marketing Cloud Mobile App — and drive real results.
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Experience Marketing Cloud in action.

Take a 1-to-1 journey across email, mobile, and social over the course of a week.