Drive personalization with Einstein.

Personalization Builder

Use predictive intelligence, powered by Einstein, to automatically personalize content in email, mobile apps, and on the web.

Discover customer preferences.

Observe behaviors on the web, in email, and on mobile. Use these insights to automatically build complete customer profiles to power your marketing strategy.

Predict the right content.

Combine customer preference profiles with recommendation algorithms powered by Salesforce Einstein to automatically determine the next best content, product, or offer for each individual. 

Automate personalization.

Deliver the most relevant content using continuous machine learning algorithms. Automatically personalize email, web pages, or mobile experiences with recommendations for each customer.

Crush success metrics.

Drive 1-to-1 experiences that increase message engagement like clicks, time on site, conversions, average order value, and revenue.

See Personalization Builder in action.

Learn how to use predictive intelligence to power personalized customer journeys.

Build personalized customer relationships.

Create 1-to-1 experiences for each customer — from unknown website visitors to your most loyal brand advocates.

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Understand Customer Behavior

Enrich contact profiles with behavior collected through web tracking codes. Learn which factors impact customer engagement based on your business KPIs.

Predict Content Decisions

Pair customer data profiles with machine learning algorithms to determine the most relevant product, offer, or content — automatically.

Personalize Interactions

Deliver 1-to-1 messages automatically in email, mobile apps, and on the web. Gather insights from every interaction to continually build your customer data profiles.
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Meet predictive journeys.

See how to use data science to understand your customers, simplifying personalization and automation.