How Salesforce Uses Marketing Cloud

How Salesforce Uses Marketing Cloud


See how Marketing Cloud creates personalized journeys across every business unit.


Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud technology to drive powerful results in every business function. Personalized journeys carry across marketing to sales, service, and beyond to create a more meaningful customer experience. Learn about the successes Marketing Cloud enables for all of Salesforce with this revealing interview series.


Re-Engaging Email Subscribers

Learn how Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to re-engage and retain our email subscribers with powerful tools like segmentation, targeting, dynamic content, and more.


Marketing Operations Journeys

Learn how Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to power automated journeys for our Marketing Operations team. The power of Journey Builder, alongside our custom-built budget management app, has helped the team control marketing spend across many different teams.




App Engagement

Salesforce uses its own program, Salesforce Adoption Manager, to create three journeys to inspire app engagement: acquiring app users, onboarding recent installers, and inspiring re-engagement for inactive users.


Social Strategy

See how Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to listen, publish, engage, and analyze on social media. Discover new ways to turn your fans and followers into customers — and then brand advocates.




Employee Onboarding

Salesforce benefits from a 30% decrease in help desk traffic from new hires with seamless onboarding journeys. Discover ways to automate your talent acquisition and onboarding — gathering data from career website behaviors, placing targeted recruiting ads, and setting your applicants on a nurture track.


Event Promotions

Marketing Cloud sends event messaging to promote registration, generate excitement, and create engaging onsite experiences over email, mobile, social, and more.




Dreamforce Follow-up

The team at Dreamforce uses Marketing Cloud to power its post-event email campaign. In 2015, the world's largest technology event delivered almost 6,000 permutations of personalized follow-up emails powered by Marketing Cloud.


Customer Onboarding

Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to make new customers aware of products, provide support at scale, and create targeted communications for customers who prefer a personal contact.




Competitive Insights

Salesforce arms its teams with the sales enablement materials they need — at the right time. See how we proactively tailor every competitive update to the sales cycle — and optimize them as we go.



Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud to create targeted ad campaigns across channels at scale. Get the right ads in front of the right people, in the right moment.