Salesforce Marketing Cloud Academy Training

Product Training

The Academy from Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive training programme that offers a variety of courses designed exclusively for clients and partners. Our goal is to make our clients look like heroes and excel in every digital marketing endeavour. Academy training provides you with:

  • Current best practices and industry knowledge
  • Interactive and collaborative classes
  • Extensive resources to sharpen your digital marketing capabilities


Instructor-Led Courses

Enjoy learning in a classroom setting? The Academy’s instructor-led courses provide a perfect opportunity for in-depth, hands-on experience with your Marketing Cloud applications. By combining best practices with practical information, instructor-led training helps you make the most of the applications as you connect with product experts and peers. Classes are held in various locations and on-site training can be arranged through your sales representative.

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"The ExactTarget Academy has certainly helped our teams learn faster and it also offers us tangible marketing best practices so we can serve our clients better."

John Keep,
VP of Product and Service Development, Questline


Online Courses

Prefer to learn at your own pace? The Academy offers online courses at no cost to customers with a valid ExactTarget Marketing Cloud account. These courses are available on demand, which means you can complete as much or as little coursework as your schedule allows. To begin a course, log in and register online on 3sixty.

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Most Popular Courses

Find out everything you need to know about sending your first email. You’ll learn how to create and send an email and track your results.

Covered in this course: creating attributes and lists, importing data, uploading assets, creating templates, building emails and tracking results.

This class will provide you with foundational knowledge on how ExactTarget and Salesforce work together to provide an integrated email marketing solution.

Covered in this course: creating, sending and tracking emails campaigns using the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Salesforce.

This class will provide you with foundational knowledge on creating and extracting the data needed for your organisation’s email campaigns.

Covered in this course: creating and extracting data, specifically as a means for optimising email campaigns.

This course will help you discover how you can use the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to send targeted emails based on the data you store and collect from subscribers.

Covered in this course: creating groups, building and executing data filters and queries.

This class will help you discover how you can use the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to automate the sending of emails for your organisation.

Covered in this course: basics of how to automate email campaigns using the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud.


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