The Unique Value of Facebook

The Unique Value of Facebook

Over the past ten years, Facebook has gone from a college-only niche network to a connected community for the whole world. Now with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users and 1 billion mobile users, Facebook presents more opportunities than ever for marketers.

In this e-book, learn the latest stats and facts about Facebook’s unique value. For example:

  • Facebook owns mobile: Did you know that one in five minutes on a mobile device is spent in Facebook’s app? That’s more than the next ten biggest mobile properties combined.
  • Facebook refers traffic: The social network accounts for up to 10% of referral traffic to major publishers.
  • Facebook ad targeting is unrivaled: Facebook’s targeting options include location, behavior, personal demographics, and more. No TV program, event, or publication can match that level of targeting.

Whether it’s mobile messaging or renewing interest in your brand, make sure you’re reaching your customers on the world’s most popular social network. Get started with new ideas in The Unique Value of Facebook.


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